Contemporary designed jewellery, made of rhodium-plated silver and bronze-plated rose and yellow gold. This refined designlinks the brilliance of Swarovski crystals, pearls and precious stones. Unique and charming creations with the authentic Made in Italy branding. Soft, feminine lines for the modern discerning woman.

The male Boccadamo jewellery line is carefully finished and made from rhodium-plated silver, steel, leather and other materials. This jewellery collection has developed new innovative lines and shapes combined with an attractive design. A minimal touch for all men who like to stand out in style.

The brand has been created and designed to strike at the heart of teenagers. Unique accessories in silver and stainless steel embellished with crystals, Swarovski pearls and precious stones. Bijoux glamour with modern and on-trend colours. Fashionable creations for all and easy to wear jewellery.


TooBe is the freshest brand from the Boccadamo fashion house. Tubes of colourful rubber are combined with a wide range of fastenings to create a unique and innovative fashion accessory. Creativity and customisation with this product are a must. Pastel and neon colours and many fashionable designs. Swarovski rhinestones, semi-precious stones and pearls for the fastenings. One way to emphasise the character of the wearer: choose a gem that stands out.


It is a party, an explosion of colors, a game that become a jewel. Designed for small children, the line consists of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that embrace the entire age of childhood, to accompany children from birth to early adolescence. Fun, colorful, fresh, Petit creations have an air of romance and fairy, a circus of wonderful precious that put you in a good mood.


An exclusive collection of wristwatches that consists of numerous models, divided into male and female lines, united Boccadamo from the original design and the possibility of combining dials and straps, choosing from chronographs or tailoring cloth sewn. A fusion of tradition and cutting-edge, comfort, color, attention to every detail and details in Swarovski. Boccadamo Time is all that and much more!


Bottega Boccadamo is the new brand by Boccadamo, that further enhances the craftsmanship of which the maison is an expression. Burnished silver is the real soul of the Bottega Boccadamo, to which the hands of goldsmiths give plasticity, full-bodied and naturalistic forms, through the use of the lost wax casting technique. The characteristic antiqued appearance of burnished silver acquires a chromatic touch through real brushstrokes, made by hand, with micro painting, an innovative technique that allows to work silver with realistic shades and meticulous details. The absolute novelty proposed by Bottega Boccadamo is the burnished silver and rose gold plated silver in the same jewel, simultaneously enhancing the two different colors of the same metal.